Oh yes, I am just a girl :P

You could noticed I’ve already reccomended few Animes… And that all of them are tagged “Yaoi”… Yes! I am just a girl and as like most of all girls addicted to Anime, even I am “Yaoist”… If you don’l like Yaoi, just skip it ^^ And of course I also know non-yaoi animes and I surely will post them too, once. šŸ˜€

So, also, when I’m talking about the fact that I’m just a girl… I really am one of those girls, who really are into guys, which means – I’ve never been interrested in female artists and such, it has to be really something special for female to get my attention, so, as you can guess, if you will go to music category – you will see male singers, bands etc… Also this is the reason why there is a category “Asian Guys” and not category “Asian Gals”… ‘Cause I sure have things to say about asian guys, but I don’t have much to say about asian gals. I hope you understand ^^ of course, lots of ppl may love female music groups etc., but I don’t. That’s all.

Aaand also – when I am still talking about it, there is a tag “Hot Stuff”. What will you find when you will click on this tag? Posts (don’t care about other category) with extremly hot stuff šŸ˜€ Yeah, it means articles about movies and dramas with really hot actors, posts with hot photos and others (well it may happen that there will be lots of hot posts without this tag… I will really try to “choose” and not tag every hot post, because If I did so, I would have to tag nearly every post ^^ But if you’ll see the post where “Hot Stuff” tag really belongs and is missing, let me know šŸ™‚ I’ll be glad to add it ^^)

So I hope you won’t curse me or something now šŸ˜›


2 responses to “Oh yes, I am just a girl :P

  • Brittany

    Saaame here about being totally into guys. Out of like the four years I’ve been listening to kpop/jpop I’ve always listened to guys. I guess I’m more entertained by a group of hot guys dancing and singing :p

    • AONy

      Yeyyyyy I am so glad šŸ˜€ here I have only one friend who also is not into girl-bands but all of those others are still trying to post me some girls songs and asking “Isn’t it great?” are probably expecting me to find a single different between all theese gals. Oh yeah. Most of them are the same for me šŸ˜€ Actually now there is on girl band that I somehow really liked – Piggy Dolls šŸ˜€ Not barbies and I think their voices are good = they are sympatic for me = hey got my atention. But… I think they have only one song until now or what…. Whatever šŸ˜€ Guys are guys šŸ˜€

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