Death Note

Actually, Death Note is one of those things why I fell for Asia. It all started because of anime (I don’t count Pokémon 😀 But yeah, I liked them too :D). Probably firstly I was really attached to yaoi animes. I “started” with them and had lot of fun watching them. But later my friend told me – watch Death Note!… And I did. And I was oh-so-indrawn!

I watched it all the time. When I was not in work, I watched Death Note. I even forgot to sleep. I just had to know how will it end. So, I saw all episodes in kinda short time and was reall very amazed. My favourite character was always L. Was, is and will be. L is my hero. I think I can say that L was the firs anime character I really loved 😀 (You know what I mean, don’t you? 😀 That feeling that you want to become an anime character just to meet him 😀 LOL… I think that all of us have to know it… At least me and my friends do :D). Srsly, character of L was perfect. I think that if that person could be real, it would be the most charismatic person in the world. Well…

My second favourite character was Ryuk. I liiiike that guy ^^ He is really funny shinigami an I love his abstinence syndrome for apples.

Light Yagami – Kira, is perfectly elaborated bad person. With everything it should have – even some kind of sympathy. While watching it, there were times when I really thought like: “But it’s a pity he became to be such a psycho… He was nice guy from the start, all he wanted was world without crime…” but then, Light killed someone again and all my sympathies vanished and all I thought about him was – “Burn in hell, Light!”

Even Misa Misa is great example of psychopatic admirer and her character, through I really never liked her, has it’s important and unreplaceable role in whole story.

The story is nicely playing with thoughts of justice. What is still justice and what is already crime, even when it could seem like a public service. But the most interresting on whole story are characters. Every single character in this anime has it’s own personality and it is very interresting to watch why, how and when they became to be like they are. Another interresting thing is to watch how L and Light are thinking and trying to get one another.

Shortly – I LOVE IT!


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