Hi world!

Welcome to my wordpress blog. Who am I and what can you expect on this site?

Well, I am an ordinary caucasian girl who fell in love with Asia (few years ago) and sometimes I have that feeling that I really want to share my opinions with world. As you can guess – English is not my first language, so please, excuse all those typos and mistakes you’ll see here. Try to not to mind them ^^ You know – content is important ^^

Of course I have my friends who share my addiction with me, but still – sometimes I want to say something what I never said (forgot or was ashamed to say and such) or I just want to have that feeling that someone else will read my words xD Why not, huh?

I haven’t say to anyone about this blog. Which means it will take a long time untill I will find someone, who will visit me here. Not even my best friends know about it. Who knows. Maybe once I’ll tell them, but… I don’t think so xD Hmmm if you think that you know me, just ask me 😀 I won’t lie…

And now – what exactly will be on this blog?

I don’t know neither 😀 Oh… of course I have some idea, I know I want to write here my movies recensions, something about dramas, music, anime… But also if I will have ANYTHING to say about asia. For example – I’ll find some funny video on internet and some asian ppl will be there – I will post it here. Why not? So, simply – on this blog you will be able to find everything – and nothing. Why everything? ‘Cause I still have something to say about Asia. About lots of things including asia. Why nothing? Because I won’t post any facts here or something. I will just post things I like, I will post my opinions, my ideas…

So… If you wanna share your asian addiction with someone, feel free to join me! I’ll be glad for every comment and all other kinds of comunication^^

Nice to meet you!

Your AddictedOne


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