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Bi Rain – Singer? No. Actor? Maybe. Hotness itself? SURE!

I thought I should finally post something to this category too. I tried to thing about “who the hell will be the best for the first post here?”, and actually guys like JaeJoong, HyungJoon, JoonKi popped out on my mind as firsts. But then I remmembered the dorama I’m watching now – “Fugitive: Plan B” and I was sure that RAIN should be here. Not because he would be better or more special then those others. Of course not. Just because that he is very actual theme on my mind and actually – he really makes me more and more confused πŸ˜€

What do you think about this guy? πŸ˜€ I didn’t even know that someone like this exists. Oh yeah, I heard about “some Rain” but I really didn’t know how does he look like, what does he do and such. I really was not interrested in trying to find something about him. But then I saw his movie “Ninja Assassin” and – “Oh yeah πŸ˜€ Who the hell is that hot cutie-eared guy?!” I started to be really really interrested. But first thing I found out were sentences stated by my friends: “OMG, thats Rain, you don’t know him? He’s such an idiot!” or “Jesus you are lucky that you never saw him singing!” or “I so hate him, he is so dumb I can’t stand it!” … Welllll I believed them πŸ˜€ And I started to be curious, because – How can it be, that someone SO sexy, cute, nice (*long row of other words*) is so dummy and my friends don’t like him?

Well, I found out very soon. The very first what I did – *opens youtube*, *writes “Bi Rain”, *Clicks on search button*. First thing Iplayed was THIS video:Β [Oh, LOOOL look at that girl in 2:06 πŸ˜€ Soorry my dear Bi, but she seems so confused.. Or should I say disgusted, frustrated? or something like this? πŸ˜€ And she’s not only one… And 23:48 – she already found out she is on the screen, trying to look really interrested πŸ˜€ I really laugh everytime when she starts to sing the lyrics (‘bad boy’, really hard to learn, what even while watching Rain xD) to proove that she really really IS interrested]

Actually, what I thought while watching this video – “Hmm, he surely has nice face… And BODY!…. But… Is this really called ‘singing’? there has to be some mistake…” Untill PLAYBACK (!!!) is saying “I’m gonna be a baaad boooy, I’m gonna be a bad bad boooy” – everything seems and sounds kinda okay. But then, Rain opens his mouth and half saying-half whispering his lyrics, trying to keep up his breath with dancing and looking sexy enough, he really ruins it all and gives me great laugh. Really, his whispering is totally out of concept (if it ever had any concept???) and really can’t be called singing, nor even rapping or whatever. Just sometimes, he barks out something like “Oh, Hou” and such. And in 3:30 it actually sounds like Rain is NOT a singer, but an aerobic lector. And I could continue [4:15 and on – laughing untill crying πŸ˜€ Im gonna be crazy! :D] [4:28 – the girl is also very entertained :D] [5:19 oh yes, now even I am starting to be REALLY interrested xD]… I really didn’t search too much through his music, but I really tried t

o find something, what will proove me, that he really can use his sexy deep voice even for singing. According to what I’ve found… He can’t. So – Rain as a singer? *Rolling On the Floor, Laughing*… Untill the moment of watching his music videos MUTE and just “awwwwing” about his appearance and that cute dummy expression.

I have to admit – I am talking about how dumb I think he is and yet, I saw only really

FEW videos with him, so I can’t really bet his personality… But those few I saw really made me to think that he is such… such… No words πŸ˜€ I think he IS dummy… But nowadays I find it out Β like prety cute thing πŸ˜€ Even being dumbass can make you to look cutier or sexier, dear Rain. Actually I promiss to you (if someone reads it) and even to myself, that soon I will try to see so many videos of Rain, that I will definitely know him untill the last little secret of his personality. If I will change my mind about his dumbassness or if I will find out something really worth to see, I’ll post it here ^^

Next thing about Rain I’d really like to talk about is him and his military service. Actually… Of course. I don’t want anyone to go there, I know it’s hard for them and it takes our dear stars away from us for two years, that’s terrible, but still… Those other guys seem so franky about military service, they seem to be kinda okay with that, face it like real man and they even seem to look like they think it’s their “man’s duty”. They are all so brave…. But, there is… Rain. To me, it always seemed like he was trying to postpone his military service as much as he just could. Then, when it was finally decided that he really WILL go, he published his “ADIEU” concert πŸ˜€ I know it should mean Adieu to year 2010, but honestly, it seems like adieu to Rain. I kinda can’t get rid of that feeling, that he really doesn’t want to go there, that he is crying somwhere in the corner now, calling his mom and thinking about how hard it will be to really DO something and not just “Look Good” to be the best. I don’t think it will be easy for him. But yeah, I’m sure he will show us that he is one hell of the man and every news about him will be only how “brave” and “good” he is during his military. While at nights… Someone is silently crying, waking up all of his co-soldiers, complaining about absence of cosmetic and time for his personal hygienics…… :oX

Oh I am really so sorry if you think that I am too bad to him…

But believe me, if I wouldn’t totally love that man, I wouldn’t post so long article about him. Now, let’s see how he really got under my skin. Firstly, as I already said – “Ninja Assassin”. Oh my. So total absolute huge great giant *thousands of other superlatives* sexiness, righteousness, beauty, hottness *another thousand of other words*. Oh yeah. He IS a perfect man. His face is without any single flaw, as same as his body. Oh and his beautiful deep voice (which is obviously switched off while singing) – totaly charmed. So, I decided to not to give up and to continue trying to make Rain even more and more amazing in my eyes. So, I watched “I’m a Cyborg But That’s OK”. *making dreamy eyes, smiling with even dummier expression then Rain, thinking about what to say about this movie* I oh-so-loved it! I won’t say too much about the movie, I want to make it whole new post, but… Oh yes, Rain was the best. His “bunny walk” or what was that, all of those expressions of a cutie fool he made, and of course the character he played, it was too perfect all together. I was awwwwing, yyyyyayyying, eeeeeeking, squeeeeling, mewling etc. Yes. I loved it. Then – of course, “Fugitive: plan B” is broadcasting… I can’t wait for every single translated episode. I became to be addicted to this drama and of course to Rains character and his acting again. Actually here he really acts one clever, sexy but also kinda dummy and funny man. Which seems so natural with him! πŸ˜€ With every single episode, I love him more and more.

And that all just make me confused. You know, there are times when I am looking at this man, saying “OMFG, you should just “look good” and shut up… My hand is itchy because of how much it wants to reach your cheek – not smoothing but hitting,”… But there also are times, when I am just staring at him, thinking: “Oh man, man, man… How can you be SO perfect? I want to have you in my room, you would be my ONLY ONE exhibit in my vitrine which I would dust off regularly…”

Oh, hallelujah. This Asia AddictedOne is one HELL OF A RAIN’S FANS! Yesssssu, I am. I admire that man through I think his real personality is little simple. I maybe like it more then if I’d think he is perfect. For me, he is perfect just thanks to all those imperfections he has ❀ That’s my summary. Love of all of us to Rain… Rain for all of us! πŸ˜›