Ninja Assassin

Well,  I really don’t know how about the others, but I really laughed all the time while watching it! Well yeah, It was good movie in one way… Wait… no… Two ways. First – pretty good effects, nice camera etc. Me really liked liked… And second way? Oh My God Sun!!! RAIN looked amazing (only with long hair tho… Oh and when he was half-naked??? Yay!)
But the rest of the movie… I was kinda dissapointed. First two thirds – really interresting, pretty humorous and you are really getting curious about how it will be…

But then? LIGHT! ELECTRIC BATON! BANG BANG, CATCH HIM… “he doesn’t seem like a murder machine… He seems like he belongs to boyband!!!” (the best sentence of the movie :D), NINJA HERE? NINJA THERE? RAIN KILLS ‘EM ALL…. etc. Girl is dead, no she alived, oh my…. That last part of that movie was really just like black humoured comedy. Everything so fast, so overdone, Rain was nearly stronger and faster than Superman… Pheeew… Oh yeah… COOL.
Well whatever.
I enjoyed it anyway. Like for real! Those effects and Rain’s body kinda compensates it all. And when you think about it like about a comedy? Great piece then!

But if I should judge that movie as an independent viewer who is not obsessed by nice asian bodies and ninja stories… I don’t even want to guess how few of stars it would have.

My result? Good if you don’t mean it. One of those “nothing special movies at all”, but I still liked it. It gave me laughs and “awes”. And so? – I can’t wait for the sequel xD