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Kenichi got married!

Kenichi got married. Oh yeah, Mr. Kenichi Matsuyama. Some years ago, he was my first Asian „love“. If I don’t count anime characters. All these years I like to think about the times when he was above my bed (his picture of course :D) and I was awwwwwing every morning after waking up. My bunny was probably jealous… Once, when I was away for whole day, she got up on the bed, somehow „pulled herself“ on the wall so she could get to the picture, teared the picture off the wall and ate at least half of it. That’s how that era ended.

But Kenichi was always in my heart haha. And few days ago, a friend posted me a link, which was announcing that Kenichi is married. My heart skipped. Oh no, don’t misunderstand me, I am not among those who are jealous on their idols and think that one of those perfect guys will marry them once. No. The reason why I don’t like my idols to get married is, that once they have a wife, I feel bad when I am watching their sexy photos and saying those „awwwwww“ and „ahhhhhhh“ things. And I also feel bad when I am talking with my friends about these I-so-wish-it-was-a-true yaoi things xD (Yes, I like to pair my idols with other males, oh, I am so baaad :D). Which reminded me the moment when I was glaring at the photo of Kenichi and his wife and thinking, that she reminds me of some J-rocker 😀

Ummm…. Yeah… Sorry 😀 I should be wishing them a loads of luck and love and I’m talking stupid things about my perverted mind. Hmmm… That’s so like me!

But now for real… Through lot’s of fans probably fainted and ripped apart their wedding dress, through lot’s of fans as like as me were kinda disappointed that they can’t make their perv thoughts so freely, I really hope they will be really happy together ^^ If there is something what is really true on my platonic loves, than it’s my real care about those people. Never wish anything bad and always hope for them to have the best life. So, lady Koyuki, since you are 8 years older then our lovely Ken-chan, hope you’ll take good care of him and don’t cause him any troubles. And I hope him to do the same for you.

Be happy and in love until the end!